A Mindful Outdoor Experience: Discover the healing power of the forest

A Mindful Outdoor Experience (MOE) is an opportunity to deepen the relationship with nature and oneself. Using present moment awareness, deep breathing and conscious movement a Mindful Outdoor Guide helps participants awaken their senses to receive the healing power of the forest.

Why this program is important:

Humans have spent most of history living close to the earth, the seasons, near other creatures, and the elements. Today more and more people barely connect with the earth at all. Separation from our natural environment has led to a host of life style changes, such as lack of movement, poor diet, and stress – being indoors most of the time is a recipe for disaster. Scientific evidence supports that getting outside and “taking in the forest” is good for us, leading to lower blood pressure and stress levels, while boosting our immune response to fight disease.

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